Imported from Spain, ColorMatte is the combination of quality and style. This gorgeous line of tiles add the perfect contrast to a variety of settings with the perfect level of comfort and durability.

Currently available in a wide range of colors and finishes at our Acheson warehouse, with all other tiles available by special order.

Important Information
This product is sold by the carton only.  Each  carton contains 15 Square Feet and 7 pieces per carton.  Please also take into account that you should plan on between a 5% to 10% waste factor to take into account cuts during the installation process.


  • Porcelain stoneware
  • Wall
  • Effect: Concrete
  • Unglazed porcelain stoneware
  • Polished surface
  • Rectified edge
  • Rectangle
  • Shade variation V2
  • Quantity/box: 15 Square Feet/ 7 Pieces per Carton
  • Series: Grid Blanco Matte W00043, Grid Gris Matte W00035, Grid Marfil Matte W00037, Grid Negro Matte W00040, Honey Comb Blanco Matte W00044, Honey Gris Matte W00036, Honey Marfil Matte W00038, Plain Blanco Matte W00042, Plain Gris Matte W00034, Plain Negro Matte W00039

Imperial ( inches ) |

10 x 30

Additional information

Country of Origin



Edmonton / Acheson warehouse

Use / Application

Light commercial / residential


10 mm




Lappato = C

Water Absorption

< .05%

Slip Rating / Coefficient to Friction

6° ≤ ∝ ≤ 10° = R9
10° < ∝ ≤ 19° = R10
19° < ∝ ≤ 27° = R11
27° < ∝ ≤ 35° = R12 ∝ > 35° = R13

Frost Rating

Frost Proof

Surface Scratch Hardness

≥ 6

Breaking Strength

≥ 35 N/mm2

Domestic Chemical Resistant


Acid / High Alkaline Resistant

Available on Request

Acid / Low Alkaline Resistant

Available on Request

Stain Resistant

class 3

Surface Texture / Flatness

Matte / Lappato / Natural /

Crazing Resistant


Thermal Expansion

≤ 9×10-6°C-1

Resistance to Fading

Available on Request

Shade / Color Variation



Grid Blanco Matte, Grid Gris Matte, Grid Marfil Matte, Grid Negro Matte, Honey Comb Blanco Matte, Honey Gris Matte, Honey Marfil Matte, Plain Blanco Matte, Plain Gris Matte, Plain Negro Matte