Agate Commercial Tile

Agate commercial tile meets all industry standards including TTMAC, NTCA and TCNA specifications.   All of our commercial tile is directly imported from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Agate Commercial Tile allows architects and commercial designers  the ability to supply and install the exact tiles lines of commercial tiles being marketed by traditional suppliers at substantial savings.     We source and import our tile directly from the manufacturer, thereby cutting out the numerous hands in the proverbial pie, and pass the savings on to your customers and clients.    It is important to note that the tile we import is not ” knock off ” or ” copies ” but instead is the exact same tile being produced for every supplier in North America.   In addition, every tile we import meets or exceeds all TTMAC standards for commercial use.

Why Choose Agate Commercial Tile ?

Our competitive advantage isn’t a marketing program or sales pitch.   For 12 years we have built up relationships with all of the major tile factories across the globe and import directly from them.   When tile leaves a manufacturer in Italy, it is shipped directly to our warehouse in Edmonton.

No other supplier, agent or broker handles the product – which drastically reduces the mark up that traditional commercial tile providers are forced to pay and have to build into their quote price.

  • Capacity to Fulfill Any Size Job Regardless of Scale

    We import our tile by the container direct from the factories and have the ability to provide your project with large quantity of tile if required rooted directly through our Edmonton warehouse.

  • Direct Access to Designer Brands

    We import directly from Versace, Roberto Cavelli and Lamborghini and can provide you with wholesale pricing access to these prestigious brand names in quantity.

  • All Products with Full TTMAC Specifications Included

    Every commercial tile carried by Agate comes with full specifications based on TTMAC, TCNA and NTCA regulations.   Our commercial project department can assist you in sourcing the correct tile for your project and application.

  • Quality You Can Trust In

    Our tiles are manufactured to exacting standards and are equal or superior to any tile specifications in the world.   There is no deviation from manufacturing specs between the tile we import and the tile distributed through other wholesale providers.

  • Cost Savings Passed Directly to You

    Our business operations strategy is simple – keep costs to a minimum to reduce the costs placed on our product.   Every business decision we make takes into account the fixed and overhead costs that have are built into the cost of the tile any distributor sells.  Be keeping our overhead in check – those savings are passed directly on through every quote we do.

  • The Experience to Deliver

    Agate Tile has more than a decade of direct importing experience and has quietly become one of North America’s leading wholesale suppliers of quality ceramic and porcelain tile.   We can say with confidence we have the experience, the capabilities and the knowledge to ensure that any quote we provide can be executed to the highest standards.

Contact Us Today to Discuss the Your Project with an Agate Commercial Project Manager

From initial specs to final delivery – we will work hands on with you to get the job done right and as planned.

With more than 500 tile samples in stock and access to thousands more, we can provide you visual access to any project you are designing.  Our new commercial tile showroom is opening in February of 2017 in our brand new Acheson warehouse and will house all of our tile selections under one roof.

” Our strategy of importing directly from the manufacturers allows us to eliminate the mark up traditionally associated with wholesaler / retailer agreements.  It’s a win win situation for our partners and Agate Tile.

Raj Gill / Co-Founder AGATE TILE