By the time most tile arrives in Canada is had gone through several hands.  From sales reps to agents to brokers – it all keeps adding cost to the final price.

At Agate Tile & Stone, our buyers travel the globe sourcing all of the best tile options.  From the hottest new styles to famous brands such as Versace, we buy direct from the manufacturer and factories thereby completely eliminating the middle man and all the various mark ups that are traditionally applied to tile prices.   This allows our customers to experience a true ” wholesale ” buying experience.

By the time most tile arrives in Canada its price has been tripled from what it cost originally from the manufacturer.  Agate tile removes all of the mark up and sells tile directly to the public at a price that other tile stores buy at.

The result is that Agate is able to offer you the exact same tile being sold at traditional retailers for a fraction of the price – often as much as 70% less than what small flooring stores offer it at.

Volume Drives Savings…

A critical element to the success of Agate Tile is the volume we are able to purchase direct from the factories that produce the tile distributed across the world.   Our new 27,000 square foot Edmonton distribution warehouse holds tens of thousands of square feet of tile from all over the world – which makes us one of North America’s largest direct importers of porcelain tile in the world.